Artists to Watch 2018 #12: TWINKIDS



US-based duo TWINKIDS were around for quite a while before I finally caught on. They shared their debut track, “Dreamer”, back in 2015, combining elements of the balladry that would come as well as their now characteristic electronic production. Looking back, it’s a strong first entry and really set the stage for the directions they would later go in. After releasing follow up, “ACBTY”, there was a pretty long silence from the pair until this year. In July, they shared “Overdressed”, an incredible electropop tune that’s still my favorite from them and one of my favorite songs of the year. It’s one of the most upbeat tracks they’ve shared and it’s definitely a great sound for them. With an infectious chorus and unique production, it ticks all the boxes of a hit. After only hearing that track and knowing the duo were soon going to release their debut EP, Boys Love, I was fairly certain they would end up on this list. The EP came in August and certainly did not disappoint. On it, the pair explore different facets of their sound including the ballad “Body Wonder”, the frantic “Ponte Vedra”, and the laidback “Shotgun”. Altogether, it’s an incredibly strong debut body of work and in my opinion, serves as a harbinger of great things to come. Get on board now and check out a few of my favorite tracks below.


TWINKIDS // Shotgun


I’ve covered TWINKIDS on the blog twice in the past month so I won’t rehash what I’ve already talked about. If you’re interested check out some of their previous releases HERE and HERE. I will say that despite just discovering them last month, TWINKIDS have shot to the top of the acts I’ll be keeping an eye on them. Much like Amber Mark from earlier this week, I would be very surprised to not see them on my Artists to Watch for 2018 list. Just last week they shared their debut EP, Boys Love, and the whole thing is excellent and worth your attention, however Shotgun is my favorite previously unreleased track. It serves well as a closer because the melody and vocals are probably the most low key of the work, but it’s held together by erratic production that propels it forward. Although it’s clear through their other tracks and artwork, I think TWINKIDS’ Japanese influence shines through most clearly on the melody here which obviously tends toward the pentatonic. “Shotgun” is the kind of effortlessly cool track that will keep you coming back for more. The entire EP is worth your attention, so get started with “Shotgun” below and then check out the rest!

TWINKIDS // Body Wonder


I just covered TWINKIDS for the first time a few weeks ago after the release of their excellent single, “Overdressed”. Being one of their most upbeat, danceable songs, it was a great introduction and got me hooked and looking for more. They are currently ramping up to their debut EP, Boy Love, set for release on August 18th, so naturally they are building hype by releasing new music. Ahead of their new project, they have shared Body Wonder, a sweeping, pounding electronic ballad. Starting out with ominous synths and industrial percussion laying the groundwork for an understated vocal performance, the song builds throughout making for something unique and intriguing. I’m fully on board with TWINKIDS and can’t wait to see what they do on their debut project! Check out “Body Wonder” below and look out for Boy Love next week!

TWINKIDS // Overdressed


TWINKIDS are a new name for me which is a shame because they started releasing music almost two years ago. Luckily I’m not too late to the party since they’ve only released a handful of tracks, starting with “Dreamer”, an excellent ballad that builds to something more, displaying excellent production and even better vocals. After a fairly lengthy silence, the duo have released a new track, Overdressed, and in my opinion it’s their best yet. Opening with a fairly straightforward R&B/pop sound, by the time the chorus hits it’s opened up into late night low key dance track. It’s the kind of sound I’m a total sucker for and TWINKIDS do it extremely well. While the production is what initially grabbed my attention, the smooth vocals should definitely not be overlooked as they make the song as good as it is. Even though they’re new to me, TWINKIDS have quickly become a duo I’m going to have my eyes on. Listen to “Overdressed” below and be on the lookout for their debut EP, Boys Love, being released August 18th!