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The Japanese House // Count To Nine


There’s very little I can say about The Japanese House that I haven’t already said, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop posting her new music here. Amber Bain makes the music that consistently gets me the most excited and with every release she surprises her audience by taking new risks and pushing her sound forward. This is more clear than ever before on the closer of her recently released fourth EP, Count To Nine. Clocking in at nine minutes long, it is by far the largest song she’s tackled, both in length and scope. I was hesitant when I first saw how long the song was, but upon listening, it’s totally worth the small investment. It’s truly something special to see her explore a musical idea as in depth as she gets to here. Starting simply with a prolonged instrumental intro, it immediately caught my attention as something special, and of course my opinion only continued to increase after her vocals kick in. Although it’s a bit daunting, do yourself a favor and check out Count To Nine below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify)!


The Japanese House // 3/3


If you have followed Symbiosis Music for any amount of time, you’ll already know that I love The Japanese House. The three EPs she’s released so far are some of my favorite bodies of work, and my opinion of her only went up after seeing her live earlier this year. She is currently in the process of releasing her fourth EP, Saw You In A Dream, and leading up to it she has shared three tracks. All three sound unique but it’s becoming more and more clear that there is still cohesion between them. The comment I’ve made about both of the singles I’ve covered here is that the scope of what Amber Bain is doing has seemingly increased, and that’s definitely still true on latest released 3/3. It’s also potentially her most melodic track. The Japanese House has done a wonderful job of establishing a unique sound that is obviously hers, but exploring it and pushing the boundaries so that her releases don’t at all feel monotonous. This is readily observable on 3/3 as she still utilizes layered harmonies and staccato electric guitars to lay the foundation that have become one of her signatures, but then has one of her more accessible melodies to date. The Japanese House is still the artist I’m the most excited to see what they do. Check out 3/3 below and look for her Saw You In A Dream EP being released on June 27th.

The Japanese House // Somebody You Found


The Japanese House (AKA Amber Bain) is my favorite act currently making music, and she continues to prove herself with each and every release. While the title track from her upcoming EP, Saw You In a Dream, saw her move in a different sonic direction than previous releases,  Somebody You Found sees her using more of the tropes that denote her signature sound: layered harmonies, echoey guitars, and atmospheric synths. Although it does more closely resemble her older work, there’s a clear increase in ambition as the song itself seems to have a bigger scope than we’ve seen from her, much like Saw You In a Dream. I’m not sure where she’s headed but I can’t wait to see what comes next for The Japanese House! Enjoy Somebody You Found below (or click HERE) and be on the lookout for her fourth EP, Saw You In a Dream, being released on June 27th!

The Japanese House // Saw You In A Dream

Saw You In A Dream

The Japanese House is back!! Amber Bain premiered her newest track on Beats 1 Radio 1 and it’s definitely worth your attention! I fell in love with The Japanese House’s layered electronica and lush harmonies back in 2015 when she released her first EP. She has since followed that up with two more incredible EPs which include some of my absolute favorite songs of the past two years. Five months after her last release, she has now shared the lead single of her new EP, Saw You In A Dream. I put The Japanese House as #1 of my Artists to Watch for 2017 and she clearly shows why it’s the spot she deserves here. Saw You In A Dream marks a sonic departure from her previous releases by utilizing more live instrumentation and less layered harmonies and synths while still remaining distinctly The Japanese House. It took me a few listens to fully appreciate it because I was expecting something more in the vein of her other work, but I’m now fully on board and can’t wait to see what she has in store. Expect the new EP to drop July 16th, and in the meantime, listen to Saw You In A Dream below!