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Secret Rendezvous // Do U Remember

U Send Me Flying

The lead up to Secret Rendezvous‘ album, For Real., has been an exciting one for sure, with the Dutch duo sharing a string of really great, danceable singles including “Don’t Look at Me That Way” and “U Send Me Flying” (click HERE or HERE to check those out). While those tracks did a great job of serving as a mission statement for the album: updating an 80s sonic aesthetic with newer instrumentation and production with powerful female vocals, there is more to For Real. than that. A great example is my current favorite new track, Do U Remember. While it still maintains a bit of the 80s vibe, this is much more of a slow burning, R&B-tinged song than their previous releases, showcasing more so than before their songwriting and Sietske Morsch’s voice. The whole album is worth your time, but get started with the aforementioned tracks above and the newest “Do U Remember” below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify).


Secret Rendezvous // U Send Me Flying

U Send Me Flying

My first taste of Secret Rendezvous came earlier this year with the extremely catchy “Don’t Look at Me That Way” despite them being around for a while now (see my write up HERE). The track is still one of my favorites of the year because of its adept usage of a throwback vibe on a song that still sounds modern and fresh. The Dutch duo definitely are developing a signature sounds over the course of their last few releases, and it’s one I’m totally on board with. This week they have shared another single, U Send Me Flying, ahead of their album, For Real, set for release September 22nd. U Send Me Flying has everything that made “Don’t Look at Me That Way” so great: smooth yet powerful R&B vocals, an 80s pop vibe, and irresistibly upbeat production. The 80s/R&B sound is one that’s extremely popular at the moment, but few do it as well as Secret Rendezvous, which in my opinion makes them criminally underrated. Make sure to check out “U Send Me Flying” below and look out for their album dropping next month!

Secret Rendezvous // Don’t Look at Me That Way

Don't Look at Me That Way

Dutch duo Secret Rendezvous are a new name to me. In fact I just came across them yesterday when I listened to their newest track, Don’t Look at Me That Way, and I’m already hooked. In a lot of music circles “pop” music can have a negative connotation as being a creative cop out as a way to achieve mainstream success. While I’m sure I’m guilty of falling into such snobbery on occasion, I like to think that I’m able to enjoy music for what it is and not care too much about genre labels. Luckily for me, there’s nothing to make excuses for when it comes to Don’t Look at Me That Way; it’s the epitome of pop music that you feel cool listening to. The dance-inspired syncopated piano sets the stage for singer Sietske Morsch’s vocals to shine. It’s an incredibly catchy track that will have you singing and dancing along. I’m currently in the process of exploring their back catalog and so far I’m very impressed. Get on board with Secret Rendezvous by listening to Don’t Look at Me That Way below!