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Nilüfer Yanya // Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

The first time I heard Small Crimes, the debut track by Nilüfer Yanya, I thought it was such a strong debut and interesting track, but I wasn’t sure what kind of audience she would find or if it was a sustainable sound. Well now Nilüfer has just released her first EP, Plant Feed, and I am more in love with her music than ever. And clearly I’m not the only one; she has recently been featured both on Pitchfork as well as in The Guardian. I’m sure she’s only going to continue to get more popular in the coming months and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her topping lists of Artists to Watch for 2018. In the past few months she has shared The Florist and Golden Cage, both of which were covered here, and now I’m sharing the final and perhaps my favorite track, Sliding Doors. She has an incredible way of making songs sound complete while still remaining raw and vulnerable. Sliding Doors primarily has Nilüfer’s exposed vocals backed by electric guitar before adding in some background vocals and a minimal beat. Overall it makes for something truly special and I can’t wait to continue watching her rise! Check out Sliding Doors below and the rest of the EP HERE and HERE.

Nilüfer Yanya // The Florist

The Florist

Nilüfer Yanya doesn’t sound like anyone else I listen to. Her straightforward, electric guitar driven instrumentation is pretty far away from my normal electronic-centric sonic aesthetic, but it’s still a sound I love! She popped onto my radar with her debut track, Small Crimes, that came out in the middle of last year. It immediately caught my attention and piqued my interest for when she released her second track, Keep on Calling. After staying relatively quiet for a few months, she is back with her third track, The Florist, which is a great addition to her growing discography. With an incredibly catchy melody and a chord progression to match, it’s definitely worth your time. Check out The Florist below and stay tuned for more great new music from Nilüfer Yanya!