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Tom Tripp // Pamela

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After sharing songs so far this week from artists who have become staples here at Symbiosis, I’ve decided it’s time to introduce a new name! Tom Tripp is a UK-based singer who is making waves despite only releasing a few tracks so far. His debut track, “Aurelia”, landed at the beginning of this year on Nao’s Little Tokyo Recordings, and it instantly got the attention of the music world at large. Since then he’s remained relatively quiet aside from an excellent feature on Mura Masa’s debut album (“Helpline” was a highlight for me for sure). Luckily, he’s back today with his sophomore effort, Pamela, and it proves that all the hype surrounding the young artist is warranted. His distinctive vocals carry the track but he uses forward thinking production and percussion to keep it interesting. It seems to me that his collaboration with Mura Masa had a positive effect on his craft. On top of that, “Pamela” was written with one of my Artists to Watch for 2017, LISS (who I really hope we hear from soon!). Tom Tripp is absolutely a star on the rise so get on board now! Check out “Pamela” below!

Gordi // Bitter End

On My Side

Gordi‘s debut album, Resevoir, is one of my most anticipated albums of the year and we are getting ever closer to its release date, August 25th! For the past several months, Gordi has given us different tastes of the LP, ranging from the experimental “Heaven I Know” to the more straightforward “On My Side” (check them out HERE and HERE). From what we’ve heard, it’s clear Gordi has a precise vision for the album but is exploring a variety of sounds to put it together. Ahead of the release, Gordi has shared one more glimpse of what to expect in the gorgeous Bitter End. The track has Gordi at the most stripped back we’ve seen her with excellent results; a good chunk of the track is simply Gordi harmonizing with herself atop a single acoustic guitar. Even when it builds to its climax, it still has a beautiful restraint about it that draws you further in. With seven tracks still unreleased, I can’t wait to see what Gordi has in store for Reservoir! Make sure to look out for that this Friday and in the meantime enjoy her latest, “Bitter End”! Click HERE if you don’t have Spotify.

IDER // Learn to Let Go

Learn to Let Go

I chose IDER as one of my Artists to Watch for 2017 and they have continued to prove that was an excellent choice throughout the year. I’ve recently been trying to figure out what makes IDER as unique as they are. While they do use interesting instrumentation and production, it’s usually not so out of left field that it doesn’t have a reference point in the current music world. Obviously their unison vocals aren’t common, but they meld together so well it often sounds like one person is singing. I think I’ve nailed it down to the way they play with melody and song structure; it doesn’t sound like anyone else, and I think if anyone sang and IDER song, it wouldn’t work. They are thoroughly unique and no one is making music that sounds like them.

In March of this year they shared their incredible debut EP, Gut Me Like an Animal, that immediately came one of my favorite EPs of the year and spawned some of my favorite songs of the year (check out my posts HERE and HERE). After a little suspicious social media activity this past week, they have now shared their latest single, Learn to Let Go. It picks up right where Gut Me Like an Animal left off, marrying their gorgeous dual vocals with fresh sounds and production to make for something truly special. Everything they’ve put out so far has superb and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to next! Check out “Learn to Let Go” below!

Amber Mark // Heatwave


Hooray for my 150th post! Every little benchmark is exciting.

Anyway, Amber Mark rapidly has made herself one of my personal top artists to watch at the moment (I guarantee she’ll have a spot on my year end list) as well as one of the hottest acts around in general. Just a few months ago she released her debut EP, 3:33am, a heartbreaking journey through her grief over the passing of her mother back in 2013. On the EP, Mark juxtaposed devastating themes with upbeat, danceable music in a way that in my mind is unparalleled, particularly on “Lose My Cool” and “Can You Hear Me?” (Check out my posts HERE and HERE). It’s easily one of my favorite bodies of work so far this year and could have kept me satisfied for a long time, but surprisingly Amber Mark is already back with the perfect summer jam, Heatwave. Utilizing tropical-sounding instrumentation as well as disco infused piano chords, Mark’s powerful drive the song forward in a way that will almost certainly get you moving along with it. Amber Mark has proven herself a force and this track is no different. With the track being premiered on Beats Radio, it’s clear the music world is getting on board and you should too! Check out Heatwave below!

Mausi // Famous


Last week in my post about Vivienne Chi I talked about artists that unceremoniously drop off and how rare it is to come back from that. Luckily, in the past week we’ve had another resurrection with UK-based dance pop band Mausi. Back before I was actively looking for new music, I had somehow come across them after the release of their tracks “Sol” and “Move” which soundtracked my summer of 2014, and even moreso after the release of “My Friend Has A Swimming Pool”. Every song they put out is an uplifting, fun, danceable anthem with strong vocals and unique production, however, after their sole 2014 release, they essentially disappeared. Amazingly, last week Mausi reappeared seemingly out of nowhere with their comeback single, Famous. Like their previous releases, it’s a dance-oriented romp with throwback-tinged production and instrumentation anchored by strong female vocals. It’s definitely an update to their sound without changing their winning formula beyond recognition. It seems like Mausi have more up their sleeve and hopefully we’ll be getting more music in the near future, but in the meantime check out “Famous” below!


Ardyn // Throwing Stones

Throwing Stones.jpg

Every so often I get introduced to an already fairly established artist that I’m surprised I’m not already following intently, and UK-based brother-sister duo Ardyn is definitely one of those acts. The pair have released a handful of EPs going back to 2015 but they’ve really just recently popped onto my radar. While I had heard a few of their tracks (particularly their most recent single, “Together”) in passing and in hindsight I don’t know why I was immediately hooked, the first time I actively listened to them was their recent feature on Tourist’s “We Stayed Up All Night”, where Katy Pearson’s vocals really take the spotlight.  It’s clearly a good collaboration as they’ve decided to repeat it, with Tourist helping to produce their latest single.

Today they’re sharing their newest single, Throwing Stones, and although I still have some uncovering of their back catalog to get through, it’s my favorite track of theirs so far. Starting off with pulsating synths and strings, Katy’s vocals lilt atop it with a pristine quality that immediately draws the listener in. There’s something strangely ominous while simultaneously hopeful about the song. Speaking of the track, Katy says “Throwing stones was inspired by feeling very disillusioned, in particular with the current state of politics and unrest in the world. With everything seemingly going a bit haywire, I felt I needed to put that into words.” It’s a timely response to the seemingly chaotic times we’re experiencing at the moment. Do yourself a favor and check out “Throwing Stones” below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and be on the lookout for more music from the duo soon!

Anna of the North // Money


Norwegian/New Zealander duo Anna of the North are gearing up to release their debut album, Lovers, on September 8th, and with every release it’s shaping up to be one of the best debuts and overall albums of the year. The duo have a way to crafting dreamy pop songs that always sound fresh and interesting while still being accessible enough that anyone can enjoy them. This week they have given us another taste of the forthcoming record in the form of  Money, and it’s another home run and will only continue to build the hype for Lovers. While their previous release, “Someone” (check out my post HERE), felt more like a throwback-tinged love song, “Money” is an bouncy pop song that serves as a warning against a gold digger only looking financial support. It’s the kind of song that will get you dancing along by the first chorus and singing along by the second. I can’t wait to hear what Anna of the North will do on their debut and I’m excited we’re down to less than a month of waiting time. Check out “Money” below and be on the lookout for Lovers on September 8th!