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Maximillian // Hollow Days

Hollow Days.png

Danish artist Maximillian has slowly been building his profile over the last year with an impressive set of singles, including my favorites, “Heard” and “Strangers”, both of which I featured here. I definitely suggest you check them out HERE and HERE. Today he’s back with his first track of the year, and it’s another one that is going to continue his skyward trajectory. Hollow Days fits snugly in with the rest of his growing discography as an emotive, sweeping pop track that expertly shows off Maximillian’s powerful vocals and penchant for catchy songwriting. It reignites the excitement I have for the rising artist and again shows why he’s destined for continued recognition. Be sure to check out “Hollow Days” below or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify.


Maximillian // Strangers


Maximillian is a name that is starting to get bigger and bigger with every song he shares. The Danish singer has continued to prove his potential with each release, displaying not only an incredible voice but also a penchant for beautiful songwriting. Up until now, his primary genre has seemed to be sweeping ballads, including his previous release “Heard” (listen HERE). That being said, Maximillian seems to be exploring new territory with his latest single, Strangers. While the track still excellently showcases his vocals, “Strangers” is definitely more of an in your face pop/R&B song than we’ve heard from the Dane so far, and it’s a great sound for him. In my mind this definitely raises his stock further as he shows he can tackle the crooning as well as the belting, showing himself to be very versatile Be sure to check out “Strangers” below and get on board with Maximillian now. Click HERE if you don’t have Spotify.

Maximillian // Heard


Danish singer/songwriter Maximillian is another new name for me, despite his steady releases so far this year. Debuting in strong fashion with “Higher” back in May, he showed strong vocal chops and an ear for catchy melodies and interesting production. “Feelings” followed up in June showing a more downtempo side that again put his voice at center stage but with intricate beats and instrumentation to match;  he does an excellent job of melding the acoustic and synthetic. Now he’s back again with his third track, Heard, and it’s one that’s definitely worth your attention. Starting out in a fairly understated way, “Heard” grows to a big cinematic chorus that’s somehow both uplifting and heartbreaking. Over the course of his first three releases, Maximillian has shown himself to be a talent to keep an eye on. Check out “Heard” below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and be on the look out for more hopefully soon!