HËXĖ // Edge


It’s only been about a month and a half since rising duo HËXĖ released their debut single, “Words”, which instantly grabbed my attention and that of a lot of the new music world. They made a strong impression with upbeat, danceable production laying the groundwork for silky smooth vocals to float on top of. Luckily for us, HËXĖ is back again with more of what piqued my interest with new track, Edge. With Disclosure-like beats this time from Callum Raab setting the stage, again Lex Stowe’s voice steals the show singing about a relationship she’s not sure she wants to commit to yet. HËXĖ are quickly proving themselves as an act to watch, and by releasing two songs in as many months, they’re showing they have the chops to back up the hype. Check out “Edge” below and be on the lookout for more from the duo!


HËXĖ // Words


It’s always exciting to introduce a new name, especially one that is just at the beginning of their story. Today that new name is HËXĖ, who seem to be taking the music world by storm following the release of debut track, Words. HËXĖ is a duo from the UK consisting of Lex Stowe and Callum Raab. Words is an excellent example of a track that can be both low key yet danceable depending on how you feel, which, if you’ve been following Symbiosis for any amount of time, is a big plus for me. Backed by a dance-inspired beat and atmospheric synths, Stowe’s hazy vocals lilt along in a way guaranteed to have you tapping your toes. The closest point of reference I have for HËXĖ at this point is Kllo, which is a huge compliment in my book. Do yourself a favor and check out HËXĖ before they blow up, which seems to be only a matter of time!