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Artists to Watch 2018 #18: Blondage


Danish duo Blondage make left of center pop music that doesn’t sound like anyone else making music at the moment. They first started appearing on my playlists back in April with the release of their track, “Stoned”, which remains one of my favorite songs by the pair. With strong vocal performances by both members and production that keeps the listener guessing throughout, I was instantly hooked and I’ve been fully on the Blondage train since. That being said, their story didn’t start with “Stoned”; the duo released a self-titled EP towards the end of 2016 that I’ve since gone back and revisited and had I heard it then, I’m sure they would’ve been on this list last year. Standouts for me there are BEG and Pray if you’re interested. Jumping back to 2017, their second track of the year, “BOSS”, is one of their most straightforward pop songs to date but still is super interesting throughout, and solidified them as one of my top artists to follow. They followed “BOSS” up with their most recent single that is probably my favorite they’ve put out so far, “Call It Off”. When I covered it on the blog I compared the sound to an off-kilter circus, a comparison I still find valid and pretty descriptive of their sound: lots of fun but with a definite edge to it. Blondage have set themselves up beautifully moving into 2018 and I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves.


Blondage // Call It Off

Call It Off

So far I’ve covered every song Blondage has released this year because each track has been incredibly strong. Obviously that trend continues this week as the Danish duo share their latest, Call It Off. Blondage have a way of producing left of center tracks while still maintaining their pop sensibilities. It’s a fine line between bizarre and accessible that they walk gracefully. “Call It Off” is like their two previous singles, “Stoned” and “BOSS” (check them out HERE and HERE), in that they don’t sound like anything else out there. Of course there are reference points, but they put things together in a unique way; the instrumental here sounds like an off kilter circus, which shouldn’t work but somehow does. I’m hoping “Call It Off” is a harbinger of things to come, but in the meantime, be sure to check it out below!


Blondage // BOSS


I covered Blondage for the first time last month when I came across their excellent single, Stoned, that is definitely a song of the summer contender for me. Well now the Danish duo has shared another track that’s in the running too. BOSS starts where Stoned left off, taking extremely catchy melodies and pairing them with slightly off kilter production to make something truly unique but still exceedingly pleasant to listen to. With this release, Blondage have quickly moved up my list of artists to watch and I can’t wait to see what direction they head in and what they do next! Do yourself and listen to BOSS below and be on the lookout for new music soon!

Blondage // Stoned


Full disclosure: I haven’t spent as much time listening to Blondage as I usually have for artists I post about, but the strength of their newest single, Stoned, makes me skip that normality. Although they have been releasing music for a while, their latest release seems to be making waves for the Danish duo. With strong vocals from both members and intricate production that keeps the listener guessing throughout, Stoned expertly stays listenable while also remaining forward thinking. The song reminds me of the debut release of their Scandinavian neighbors SNOW CULTURE, which for me is a great thing. Make sure you take some time to listen to Stoned below and also check out their self titled debut EP which I’m currently listening to and is equally worth your attention!