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AMERY // Blame


Belgian artist AMERY had one of my favorite tracks of last year with his excellent sophomore effort “I Need Lovin'” (check it out HERE). It was a great introduction to his throwback-inspired take on pop music and the kind of track that instantly gets stuck in your head and has you going back for more. Since then, I’ve anxiously been awaiting his next release and luckily that wait is over. After counting it down on social media for the last week or so, he has now shared his new track, Blame. Like “I Need Lovin'”, “Blame” expertly utilizes of the moment production to set the stage for a total bop of a song. With just three tracks under his belt, AMERY is obviously an artist to watch moving forward. Make sure you check out “Blame” below and get familiar with the rising artist now.


Favorite Songs of August 2017

August 2017.png

So I understand that there are probably a good number of people out there that just want to hear new music, but don’t necessarily care to read what I have to say about it. Thankfully, I’m not at a point yet where I’m so vain I refuse to share music with people who aren’t interested in my opinions. With that in mind, I’m finally pulling the trigger on trying to make playlists a reality so people can listen to what I think are the best songs of the month without getting bogged down. For this month (and potentially subsequent months) I have selected my top 10 tracks. Hopefully you’ll take the time to listen, and if you feel so inclined, follow Symbiosis Music on Spotify or maybe even go back and read the associated posts. If you don’t have Spotify, I included a Soundcloud playlist as well. Hope you enjoy!

AMERY // I Need Lovin’

I Need Lovin'

I just heard about rising Belgian singer AMERY last week when he released his second single, the lighthearted I Need Lovin’, and I’m so glad that I did! He instantly made an impact when I first listened to it. This new song follows up on debut track, “So Good”, which is also worth your attention, but in my opinion “I Need Lovin'” is even better. I was intrigued as soon as the 90s-inspired beat kicked in but was sold when AMERY‘s vocals started. His smooth voice is one that seems able to tackle pretty much any genre he tries his hand at. “I Need Lovin'” opens up to a tropical jam at the chorus, singing about a girl he saw and wishes he could be with, making it a perfect song for summer. Every time I hear it I want to dance and I’m sure you will too! Make sure to check out “I Need Lovin'” below and be on the lookout for more from this very promising artist!