Morgan Saint // You


Continuing on with new artists making a big impression with their debut tracks, Morgan Saint is doing exactly that! Not only is Saint making a splash with her first ever song, You, she is appearing with a fully formed aesthetic with plans to conquer the world. “You” is a truly brilliant song with which to debut, starting out almost a cappella beautifully displays her vocals before building to an ear worm of a chorus that you’ll be singing along with after a single listen. Beyond being as catchy as it is, “You” is musically interesting; it took a while to realize how simple the beat was because the track feels so complete and full at its climax. It’s one of my favorite debuts of the year and I can’t wait to see what’s next. “You” is the first taste of a debut EP, 17 Hero, set for release later this fall, and if the remaining material is anywhere near this level, it’s going to be a body of work worth looking out for! Check out “You” below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and keep an eye on Morgan Saint!

Carlie Hanson // Why Did You Lie?

Why Did You Lie?

Going through what I’ve shared on the blog so far this year, I’ve noticed I haven’t been as consistent in introducing new acts with promising debut singles as I’d like to be. For some reason I usually fail to pull the trigger after that first taste. In order to try to remedy that, today I’m going to introduce a few brand new artists who are making splashes with their first offerings. First up is the incredible Carlie Hanson who has just shared her debut track, Why Did You Lie? Even though it was just released at the end of last week, it’s already taking the music world by storm, and it’s easy to see why. At times, “Why Did You Lie?” seems like a straightforward pop song, in fact it’s almost reminiscent of Justin Bieber. It would’ve been easiest to stay in that vein and produce a safe debut, but Hanson obviously isn’t content with that, employing minimalistic production and interesting instrumentation (how many songs are led by marimbas?). This song has everything you could want in a pop song in 2017, and that second verse when it picks up is one of my favorites of the year so far. It’s an incredible start and even more impressive when you find out she’s only 17! I can’t wait to see what she does next, but in the meantime check out “Why Did You Lie?” below!

Liv Dawson // Painkiller


Liv Dawson was one of my Artists to Watch for this year, and she certainly has not disappointed! Every track she releases shows growth and expansion of her sound and capabilities, exploring different facets of the pop-R&B-dance interfaces. She has the ability to effortlessly float between genres while still producing extremely solid output that draws you in to her narrative even more. So far this year we’ve seen the club track “Searching” (check out the post HERE) and the piano ballad “Somewhere Good” (read it HERE), two songs on totally different ends of the spectrum. It really speaks to what an incredible vocalist she is that she can tie such disparate sounds together. Today we have something in the middle of the two with the HONNE produced Painkiller. I would just like to say I’m a huge fan of HONNE; they were on my unpublished Artists to Watch for 2016 list and had one of my favorite albums of last year with Warm on a Cold Night. “Painkiller” is a great collaboration because while there are definitely elements of HONNE on the track, it is still thoroughly Liv Dawson. Her voice transitions flawlessly from the simple piano at the beginning to the driving dance beat of the chorus. She even includes humming reminiscent of her debut single, “Tapestry”, that initially took the music world by storm. It’s a nice nod to he early work. Liv Dawson is an immense young talent and I can’t wait to see what she’s going to accomplish in the near future. Do yourself a favor and check out “Painkiller” below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and get on board because it’s only a matter of time before she’s everywhere!

WESLEE // Bathwater


I just covered WESLEE‘s debut single, “Gassed”, a few weeks ago (read the post HERE), and now I’m particularly glad I did as it sets up their new release extremely well. Following the pared down and minimalistic sound of “Gassed”, new track “Bathwater” takes things in a different direction. Modified breathy vocals float above a pulsating beat and unique instrumentation. “Bathwater” is definitely more of a straightforward pop song than “Gassed”, and this shows that they can do both exceedingly well. While very little is known about the duo, “Bathwater” will definitely continue to build on the attention they’ve garnered from their debut, and if they continue to release music at this quality, they definitely will be going places soon. Listen to “Bathwater” below and be on the lookout for more new music soon!

Vivienne Chi // Junk


Vivienne Chi, who has had a bit of an unconventional start, is an artist I’ve been following for quite sometime now. I first came across her when she was releasing music under the name Chi with her debut track, “Hard to Be Happy”, back in 2015. It was one of my favorite songs of the year as it excellently paired her dynamic vocal range with pared back instrumentation while still building to an anthemic chorus. She followed that up with what I considered one of the strongest EPs of the year, Burns & Bridges, spawning the incredible tracks “If I Go” and “Something Like Blinding”, all of which I still have playing regularly almost two years later. After that she slowly disappeared from my radar until I didn’t see much of a social media presence at all. I haven’t been as invested in new music long enough to see too many acts fade away before they have a chance to really establish themselves so to me it was a huge bummer. However, earlier this year I randomly had someone of the name Vivienne Chi pop up on my newsfeed and after a little thinking I realized she was the same person with just a bit of rebranding. After teasing new music for a while, she roared back into my headphones with her new debut single, “Vivienne”. It definitely had a different sound, eschewing some of the delicacy I associate with her work as Chi for a guitar and drum led romp. It was definitely a different sound for her, but shows how easily she can adapt to different genres. I’m not sure why I didn’t cover it here as I truly did enjoy the song, so I’m going to tack it onto this post as well in case you’re interested!

All of that long introduction to say, today Vivienne Chi is officially releasing her newest single and it might just be her strongest yet, which is really saying something considering how much I appreciate her music. Junk finds a balance between her pristine older work and the brash sound of “Vivienne”. She accomplishes this by pairing her gorgeous layered vocals with unorthodox percussion to make a bit of a hodgepodge of sounds. It may seem slightly gimmicky to use everyday objects as the beat of a sound entitled “Junk”, but the way she tackles it here makes for something truly special; it’s haunting as she whispers “Maybe we’re missing something, but you’re not missing anything.” It’s only been out for two days but I’ve already listened to it so many times and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Vivienne Chi is a truly special artist and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Maximillian // Heard


Danish singer/songwriter Maximillian is another new name for me, despite his steady releases so far this year. Debuting in strong fashion with “Higher” back in May, he showed strong vocal chops and an ear for catchy melodies and interesting production. “Feelings” followed up in June showing a more downtempo side that again put his voice at center stage but with intricate beats and instrumentation to match;  he does an excellent job of melding the acoustic and synthetic. Now he’s back again with his third track, Heard, and it’s one that’s definitely worth your attention. Starting out in a fairly understated way, “Heard” grows to a big cinematic chorus that’s somehow both uplifting and heartbreaking. Over the course of his first three releases, Maximillian has shown himself to be a talent to keep an eye on. Check out “Heard” below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and be on the look out for more hopefully soon!

TWINKIDS // Body Wonder


I just covered TWINKIDS for the first time a few weeks ago after the release of their excellent single, “Overdressed”. Being one of their most upbeat, danceable songs, it was a great introduction and got me hooked and looking for more. They are currently ramping up to their debut EP, Boy Love, set for release on August 18th, so naturally they are building hype by releasing new music. Ahead of their new project, they have shared Body Wonder, a sweeping, pounding electronic ballad. Starting out with ominous synths and industrial percussion laying the groundwork for an understated vocal performance, the song builds throughout making for something unique and intriguing. I’m fully on board with TWINKIDS and can’t wait to see what they do on their debut project! Check out “Body Wonder” below and look out for Boy Love next week!