Month: February 2018

Hanne Mjøen // Vanilla


I get a little annoyed when I come across a great artist that I’ve somehow missed. Norwegian artist Hanne Mjøen certainly falls into that category. Despite releasing music since 2016, I only found her this past week following the release of her latest track, Vanilla. Over the tracks she’s shared so far, Hanne has shown herself to be adept at creating accessible but forward thinking scandipop. I’ve never been more excited about music coming out of Norway as I am now, and Hanne definitely adds to that. With “Vanilla”, Mjøen sits comfortably with other Norwegians Sigrid and AURORA as well as neighboring Swede Tove Styrke as one of pop’s most exciting prospects. It’s the kind of track that will easily have you going back for repeat listens and wanting more. I’m excited to see what Hanne Mjøen will come up with next, but for now I’ll just enjoy Vanilla. Check it out below.


King Princess // 1950


When I first heard 1950 by rising NYC-based artist King Princess, I was immediately confused how I hadn’t come across her before as the track is right up my alley: left-of-center pop with instant accessibility but still layered in a way that it reveals itself over multiple listens. I was surprised and impressed when I realized I didn’t know of her because “1950” is her first official release. There have been several extremely impressive debut tracks so far this year and King Princess’ effort definitely rises to the top. The aforementioned reasons are what immediately hooked me, but I’m even more on board after learning that King Princess not only provided all the vocals on the track, but she also played every instrument. A talent like that doesn’t come along every day and I’m super excited to see what King Princess has in store. With her debut EP coming this Spring, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long. Check out “1950” below and get on board with King Princess now.



Danish duo WIINSTON is a new name for me, but after listening to the tracks they’ve released so far, I’m definitely hooked. They debuted last year with “Canada”, a great introduction to their take on chill R&B. They followed it up with “MIO”, a more subdued effort that showed another face to their sound. Now they’re back with Rosa and I think it’s their best track yet. Denmark is one of the most exciting places for pop music at the moment and on “Rosa” you definitely see that influence coming through. On paper it’s a weird mix having downtempo, dark R&B with some tropical influence thrown in, but it definitely works here. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that gorgeous chord progression. I can’t wait to see what the duo has up their sleeves next. Be sure to check out “Rosa” below and get on board with WIINSTON now.

demo taped // Chemical (Blue) & Winter Soon

Own It

I know I just covered a track by demo taped last week, but now that he’s released his sophomore EP, Momentary, he has more music that deserves your attention. Last week I shared “Own It” (check it out HERE), a great marriage of all kinds of sounds and genres, a feat that demo taped is becoming known for. Today I want to bring to your attention to the other new songs on the EP, Chemical (Blue) and Winter Soon. “Chemical (Blue)” is one of demo taped’s most ambitious tracks to date, with big swooping synths and fuller production than we usually get from the Atlanta native. “Winter Soon” on the other hand, sees demo taped stripped back in a gorgeous ballad. Both tracks are excellent additions to an already impeccable discography. I’m still so excited about what demo taped is doing and I can’t wait to see how he’ll eventually follow this up. Do yourself a favor and check out the tracks below.

Cautious Clay // Blood Type

Blood Type.jpg

Rising artist Cautious Clay certainly has been taking the world by storm lately. After releasing his incredible debut, “Cold War” last year (check it out HERE), he’s steadily been building up a fanbase which each track and is getting plays from the likes of Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1. After his string of singles, Clay has now released his debut EP, Blood Type, collecting his previous three songs and adding in three more. The whole thing is absolutely worth your attention and solidifies Clay as one of the artists I’m most excited about, but today I want to point you in the direction of the title track, Blood Type. Cautious Clay has developed a signature take on R&B over his first releases and “Blood Type” does a great job of extending and expanding that sound. Complete with dense harmonies, glitchy production, and of course Clay’s impeccable songwriting and vocals, “Blood Type” is really something special. Do yourself a favor and check it out below and then don’t miss out on the rest of the EP.

Prep // Don’t Bring Me Down

Don't Bring Me Down

The wait is finally over for new music from UK-based band Prep. Although I was a little late to the party with Prep, I’ve been following them since they released their debut EP, Futures, back at the end of 2016. Since then I’ve been patiently awaiting new music and now it’s finally here in the form of Don’t Bring Me Down. If you’re unfamiliar with Prep, they make excellent, throwback-inspired indie pop. “Don’t Bring Me Down” brings that sound to a new level with bouncing synths and a grooving bass line. It’s the kind of track that will get you singing and dancing along right away and wanting more. With the release, comes the announcement of their sophomore EP, Cold Fire, set for release in April, and if this is any indication, it’s going to be a body of work not to be missed. Check out “Don’t Bring Me Down” below and be on the lookout for new music soon!

demo taped // Own It

Own It

This week has really turned out to be a surprisingly really great one for new music! I’ve been excited about demo taped for quite some time now, ever since I heard his track “Not Enough” back in 2015. His output throughout 2015 and 2016 earned him a spot on my Artists to Watch 2017 list and he has definitely lived up to that ever since. Last year he released two tracks, including “Insecure” which easily was one of my favorite tracks of the year. Check it out HERE if you haven’t heard it. Now he’s shared his latest, Own It, and announced a new EP, Momentary, set for release this Friday, February 23rd. It’s a great amalgamation of the gospel sound he introduced on “Insecure” and the signature electronic vibe he’s established throughout his discography. I love what demo taped is doing and I’m sure his upcoming release is just going to reinforce that. Do yourself a favor and check out “Own It” below and get on board with the massive talent now.