Month: October 2017

Chlöe Howl // Do It Alone

Do It Alone.jpg

If there were any doubts after “Magnetic” (see my post HERE) that Chlöe Howl was back with a vengeance, those certainly are silenced after her second track of the year, Do It Alone. What has always set her apart from the crowd is her incredible voice which she truly lets shine here. It sounds raw and exposed here to great results, making for one the best R&B/pop tracks of the year. She does an excellent job of utilizing a throwback sound while keeping it updated and fresh sounding. For someone who has been on my radar for years now, it’s so exciting to see her releasing music that has the potential to really break through and make an impact. I can’t wait to see what she has coming next, but in the meantime check out “Do It Alone” below or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify.


Video: Bruno Major // Just The Same

Just The Same Video.jpg

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve never posted about a music video before here on Symbiosis, but I couldn’t think of a better first artist to post about than my MVP of 2017, Bruno Major. After sharing a track each month over the course of a year, he finally released the compilation, A Song For Every Moon, at the end of August, and it’s easily one of the most beautiful bodies of work I’ve ever encountered. Each track is something extremely special and together they make up what’s clearly my favorite album of the year. It was almost sad to see it released, as it ended the era of consistent new music from him, but luckily he’s staying on the scene with the release of his first ever video treatment for Just The Same. “Just The Same” was the track that had me convinced I had made a great decision by adding Bruno Major to my list of Artists to Watch, and in retrospect, it was obviously a harbinger of more excellence to come. You can check out the original post HERE if you’re interested. Getting to the real topic at hand, the video for “Just The Same” takes what was already an emotion-packed, raw song and brings it to another level. In it Bruno Major is left helpless while mementos and memories from a failing/failed relationship are dissected right in front of him. It’s a heartbreaking metaphor for what it’s like to go through any kind of loss of relationship, beautifully exemplifying how anything and everything can take you back to that place. Also make sure you stick around for the ending that again takes the concept to a different place. Speaking about the video, he had this to say:I was lucky enough to work with one of my favourite video directors Louise Bhose. His unique brand of irreverence and dark humour was something that resonated with me. It was an amazing thing bringing ‘Just The Same’ visually to life with him.” Bruno Major has clearly knocked it out of the park with his first attempt at a video, and here’s to hoping there are more on the way!



It’s been a while since we heard from rising Swedish duo SNOW CULTURE but thankfully that has changed. After releasing their debut track, “No Sleep”, back in February and their second “The Box” in April (check them out HERE and HERE), they have been busy working on their first EP set to be released tomorrow October 31st. In anticipation, they have shared a new track and it’s definitely worth your attention: Paris. Taking a significantly more subdued approach than their first few releases, “Paris” is a slow burner that reveals itself as it goes along. Ana Diaz’s vocals sound even better than before while the production creates interest without drawing too much attention. It makes for something exceedingly enjoyable to listen to and definitely gets me excited for the rest of the EP. Be sure to check out “Paris” below and be on the look out for me to cover more of the EP here once it’s released.

Cautious Clay // Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

Cautious Clay blasted into the music world just last month with his incredible track, “Cold War”. It has easily become one of my favorite debuts of the year and you should check it out HERE if you haven’t yet. Surprisingly for such a new artist, Cautious Clay has shared his second ever track, Joshua Tree, and it’s definitely worth your attention. Starting out softly with a minimalistic yet still interesting and complex beat, it sets the stage beautifully for Clay’s vocals to make an impression. It then builds nicely to the chorus which, like “Cold War” has an almost choral element to it. If that’s going to be a feature of more of his music, I’m definitely on board. Alternative R&B is one of the most crowded scenes to break through, especially in a way that’s unique, but Cautious Clay seems to be doing exactly that. Be sure to check out “Joshua Tree” below and “Cold War” above and be on the lookout for more from Cautious Clay.

Tom Tripp // So Shy

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Tom Tripp is an artist who has been on my radar since he released his debut track, “Aurelia”, at the very beginning of the year, and has stayed there mostly because of his obvious talent, but also because he seems to run in really interesting musical circles. After releasing his first song on NAO’s record label, he followed that up with an excellent feature on Mura Masa’s debut album, and writing his second song, “Pamela”, with one of my Artists to Watch, LISS (check out “Pamela” HERE). Now the rising UK singer has unleashed his debut EP, RED, and it’s incredible. Across the six tracks, he tackles genres from pop to R&B to soul and more, all while making them sound fresh and unique. Every track here stands on its own beautifully, but my favorite so far is So Shy. It has the kind of “wonky funk” sound we’ve come to expect from someone like NAO, but Tom Tripp makes it his own here with great results. In my opinion this is the best his voice has sounded and the production will get you swaying along for sure. Tom Tripp seems ready to take the world by storm and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Check out “So Shy” below.

Kllo // Last Yearn


The day has finally come! Australian duo Kllo have released their debut album, Backwater, and it’s absolutely been worth the wait. I first came across the pair almost three years ago when they shared their first EP, Cusp, and I’ve been on board ever since. It’s really rewarding to follow an artist from what feels like the very beginning to the release of an album, and in the case of Kllo it’s been a wonderful ride so far. If you’ve been around the blog at all, Kllo is a familiar name as I covered every track they shared leading up to the release. Check out some of my favorites PredicamentVirtue, and Downfall. All of the previously released material had me so excited about the album and it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. Everything we had heard beforehand fits perfectly among the new songs and together really does make a cohesive body. My favorite of the new tracks is Last Yearn, an effortlessly cool tune that starts out with a skipping beat provided by Simon Lam, simple piano, and Chloe Kaul’s gorgeous vocals floating atop it all. It’s the kind of song that you can listen to while you’re relaxing, or it can make you want to get up and dance, a dichotomy I’m truly a sucker for. The best part of the track, however, might be how it keeps the listener guessing, ending with one of the record’s most danceable moments despite how low key the rest of the song is. Be sure to check out “Last Yearn” (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify; shout out to Majestic Casual for the link) below and then make your way through the rest of the album too!

Kailee Morgue // Medusa


It’s always exciting to hear a debut track from an artist and instantly be able to see a load of talent and potential, and that’s definitely the case for Kailee Morgue. How I understand her story is: following a very DIY post of her singing what would become her debut track Medusa (check it out HERE), it built up enough traction to get the attention of fans and eventually Republic Records. Now, almost nine months later, Kailee Morgue has shared the full studio version of “Medusa” and it has absolutely delivered on the hype. Starting out with bouncing synths, it’s Morgue’s voice that’s going to be turning heads. It’s so pure and clear while still sounding capable of power, all of which comes across as completely effortless. The song itself is extremely catchy and will have you going back for more. Be sure to check out “Medusa” and get on board with someone who is definitely worth paying attention to moving forward.