Month: September 2017

Nilüfer Yanya // Baby Luv

Baby Luv.jpg

Nilüfer Yanya is another artist you should be familiar with if you’ve been following Symbiosis at all, as I’ve featured all three of the songs she’s released this year. If you have catching up to do, I’d recommend checking out “The Florist” (HERE) or “Sliding Doors” (HERE) to get started. Nilüfer is a bit of a musical unicorn for me in a few ways. First of all, and I’ve talked about it before, she doesn’t sound like anyone else that I listen to, or anyone else I’ve come across for that matter. I usually tend towards the more electronic, but Nilüfer creates gorgeous, minimalistic, guitar-driven songs. On her latest release, Baby Luv, her first offering since her Plant Feed EP, she continues the trend, coupling her guitar and vocals with subtle percussion and atmospheric sounds. It comes together to make something truly special and very unique, which is a very difficult task in a heavily crowded music scene. It’s been a pleasure to see Nilüfer’s rise to stardom and it seems like she’s just about there, with her releases getting noticed more and more (even Pitchfork has listed a few of her songs as Best New Track). Nilüfer Yanya is absolutely an artist to watch so get on board now!


Secret Rendezvous // Do U Remember

U Send Me Flying

The lead up to Secret Rendezvous‘ album, For Real., has been an exciting one for sure, with the Dutch duo sharing a string of really great, danceable singles including “Don’t Look at Me That Way” and “U Send Me Flying” (click HERE or HERE to check those out). While those tracks did a great job of serving as a mission statement for the album: updating an 80s sonic aesthetic with newer instrumentation and production with powerful female vocals, there is more to For Real. than that. A great example is my current favorite new track, Do U Remember. While it still maintains a bit of the 80s vibe, this is much more of a slow burning, R&B-tinged song than their previous releases, showcasing more so than before their songwriting and Sietske Morsch’s voice. The whole album is worth your time, but get started with the aforementioned tracks above and the newest “Do U Remember” below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify).

Emma Jensen // Make You Mine

Make You Mine

Rising Norwegian star Emma Jensen is still relatively new to releasing music. Before last week she had only shared her debut single, “Closer”, a song that definitely grabbed my attention when I heard it a few months after its release. Her use of minimalistic production to set the stage for a very distinct, fragile voice to float atop fits in perfectly with the current trends in pop music. She continues to dance the line between of the moment and cutting edge on her latest offering, the pristine Make You Mine. Like on her first track, sparse instrumentation lays the groundwork for her delicate voice. The restraint she shows on the track is intriguing; it leaves you wanting more but not in a bad way. I’m very excited to see what Emma Jensen comes up with next, especially considering the rise of other Norwegian artists in the last few years (eg. AURORA, Anna of the North, Sigrid, and Dagny). Check out “Make You Mine” below and get on board now.

Scarlet Pleasure // Good Together

Good Together

Even though Sweden has long been associated with great pop music, in recent years it seems other Scandinavian countries are stepping it up and giving them a run for their money. In addition to Norway, home to the other artist I’m introducing today, Emma Jensen, as well as a large number of other artists, Denmark has been churning out some of the most exciting acts as well. On top of the most visible MØ, the past few years have ushered in a new class of promising talent including my own Artists to Watch for 2017 Liss and CHINAH, as well as the more recently introduced Maximillian. Today I’m happy to throw in another new name to the mix, Scarlet Pleasure. Even though with a little digging I can find info on the trio dating back a few years, it seems they have wiped the slate clean sometime this year but have since shared an EP that I will definitely be going back and listening to. On top of that, last week they shared their latest single, Good Together, a tropical-tinged track reminiscent of the aforementioned Liss, but with their own individual sound. They definitely are carving out their own niche of the pop music world, and I can’t wait to go back and listen to their previous work as well as see what they have in store. Check out “Good Together” below (or click HERE if you have problems) and be on the lookout for more from the Danes in the near future.

Sorcha Richardson // Waking Life


Sorcha Richardson is a name that I’ve been following for a while now and she is someone that surprises me with every release. I mentioned in my post about her previous track, “4AM” (read HERE), that she always keeps me guessing with what style she’s going to come up with and that’s definitely still true. After a more raw, organic sound throughout 2016, this year has seen her turn back to more electronic offerings, which continues with her latest single, Waking Life. Driven by bouncing synths and a hissing beat, “Waking Life” is held together by Sorcha’s raw vocals and clever songwriting as she contemplates her life passing by. She’s an artist that has continued to impress me in different ways over the last few years and I’m sure she’s not going to stop anytime soon. Check out “Waking Life” below and be on the lookout for more from her soon!

Late to the Party: Pale Waves // Television Romance

Television Romance

Unlike my other post today where I’m catching an artist as they share their first bit of music, I’m definitely behind on this one. I have to admit, I haven’t had nearly as many “Late to the Party” posts as I originally thought I would. That’s partially because I think I do a pretty decent job of staying up on a lot of the newest music being released, especially for a solo effort here, and also because a song has to be pretty special for me to write a retrospective post such as this. With the latest single by Pale Waves, I don’t feel like I have much of a choice. They first (formally) came onto the scene earlier this year with their single, “There’s a Honey”, which I somehow completely missed, despite them being signed to the same label as The Japanese House and working with The 1975. It’s another song I totally recommend going back and listening to. They have since followed that up with the equally excellent Television Romance. While the influence of The 1975 is noticeable, personally I think they have enough of their own sound and aesthetic that they will continue to stand out more and more from that comparison. With a new video for the song released last week (check it out HERE), Pale Waves seem to be picking up steam. Check out “Television Romance” below (or click the link above if you don’t have Spotify) and keep your eyes peeled for more hopefully soon.

Common Body // Luck of the Draw

Luck of the Draw

This past summer had a few bizarre moments of artists I thought were long gone suddenly resurfacing, including Chlöe Howl and Mausi, both of which not only came back, but have returned seemingly ready to retake the world by storm. This past week saw the resurgence of another act I thought was long gone, but not in the way I’d expect. Back in 2014, a British trio called JUCE! were making huge waves with their first few singles followed by an outstanding debut EP. Some of those songs I still listen to now. However, after the EP, they slowly phased out of having a social media presence and didn’t release more music. I figured I wouldn’t ever hear from them again. That being said, I never un-liked them on Facebook, so I was pleasantly surprised last week to see their first post in years sharing that 2/3 of the original group has since started a new duo, Common Body. After the success of their first tracks as JUCE!, I was cautiously optimistic to see what they would have put together, and I can happily say I’m very pleased with the result, their debut single, Luck of the Draw. While they don’t sound like JUCE!, in fact I think the closest point of reference is surprisingly NAO, their unique approach to melding pop, R&B, and soul pays off on a song that is instantly catchy and worthy of your attention. Check out “Luck of the Draw” and be on the lookout for more from the duo!