Vivienne Chi // Junk


Vivienne Chi, who has had a bit of an unconventional start, is an artist I’ve been following for quite sometime now. I first came across her when she was releasing music under the name Chi with her debut track, “Hard to Be Happy”, back in 2015. It was one of my favorite songs of the year as it excellently paired her dynamic vocal range with pared back instrumentation while still building to an anthemic chorus. She followed that up with what I considered one of the strongest EPs of the year, Burns & Bridges, spawning the incredible tracks “If I Go” and “Something Like Blinding”, all of which I still have playing regularly almost two years later. After that she slowly disappeared from my radar until I didn’t see much of a social media presence at all. I haven’t been as invested in new music long enough to see too many acts fade away before they have a chance to really establish themselves so to me it was a huge bummer. However, earlier this year I randomly had someone of the name Vivienne Chi pop up on my newsfeed and after a little thinking I realized she was the same person with just a bit of rebranding. After teasing new music for a while, she roared back into my headphones with her new debut single, “Vivienne”. It definitely had a different sound, eschewing some of the delicacy I associate with her work as Chi for a guitar and drum led romp. It was definitely a different sound for her, but shows how easily she can adapt to different genres. I’m not sure why I didn’t cover it here as I truly did enjoy the song, so I’m going to tack it onto this post as well in case you’re interested!

All of that long introduction to say, today Vivienne Chi is officially releasing her newest single and it might just be her strongest yet, which is really saying something considering how much I appreciate her music. Junk finds a balance between her pristine older work and the brash sound of “Vivienne”. She accomplishes this by pairing her gorgeous layered vocals with unorthodox percussion to make a bit of a hodgepodge of sounds. It may seem slightly gimmicky to use everyday objects as the beat of a sound entitled “Junk”, but the way she tackles it here makes for something truly special; it’s haunting as she whispers “Maybe we’re missing something, but you’re not missing anything.” It’s only been out for two days but I’ve already listened to it so many times and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Vivienne Chi is a truly special artist and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


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