AMERY // I Need Lovin’

I Need Lovin'

I just heard about rising Belgian singer AMERY last week when he released his second single, the lighthearted I Need Lovin’, and I’m so glad that I did! He instantly made an impact when I first listened to it. This new song follows up on debut track, “So Good”, which is also worth your attention, but in my opinion “I Need Lovin'” is even better. I was intrigued as soon as the 90s-inspired beat kicked in but was sold when AMERY‘s vocals started. His smooth voice is one that seems able to tackle pretty much any genre he tries his hand at. “I Need Lovin'” opens up to a tropical jam at the chorus, singing about a girl he saw and wishes he could be with, making it a perfect song for summer. Every time I hear it I want to dance and I’m sure you will too! Make sure to check out “I Need Lovin'” below and be on the lookout for more from this very promising artist!


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