SG Lewis // Smart Aleck Kill (feat. Col3trane)

Times We Had (feat. Toulouse)

It’s only been about a month since he shared his last track, “Times We Had (feat. Toulouse)” (see the write up HERE),  and now SG Lewis is already back with the Col3trane-featuring Smart Aleck Kill. I’ve been following Lewis for quite a while now and I’m always so impressed by how he is such a musical chameleon while still staying easily recognizable. Part of that success is his ability to choose and get the best out of his collaborators. On each track there’s always a piece of the artist he’s working with present, but still remaining fully SG Lewis. Smart Aleck Kill definitely stays in Lewis’ brand of smooth R&B while also incorporating some trap elements. Col3trane makes for an obvious collaborator as his smooth vocals fit beautifully with Lewis’ signature wobbly synths. As of now it’s not clear what SG Lewis is working to, but hopefully this recent trend will continue and we’ll get more music soon! In meantime check out Smart Aleck Kill below!


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