FAVELA // Worship

Nevermore My Temples Leave

After sharing the title track last month, we weren’t exactly sure when we were going to get the full English Letters EP from FAVELA, but luckily the wait is over as he shared it in full yesterday. It includes previously covered songs “Nevermore My Temples Leave” and “English Letters” (read about them HERE and HERE), and new tracks “Your Hand on Mine” and Worship. Those of you who follow FAVELA will recognize that “Worship” is not an entirely new track; it was released earlier this year as a live acoustic video. I usually wouldn’t cover music that isn’t totally new here, but “Worship” is really something special and deserves your attention. FAVELA does an excellent job of building up the sonic atmosphere with gentle synths and subtle percussion, laying the groundwork for his delicate vocals. This is truer than ever on “Worship”, which starts out with only piano before slowly building to a non-climax throughout the song. While sometimes that would be a disappointment, here FAVELA’s restraint pays off and makes something truly special. Now that he’s shared the full EP, I’m not sure what’s next for the UK singer/producer, but here’s to hoping we won’t have to wait another two years for the next taste! Check out “Worship” below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and listen to the rest of the EP if you like what you hear!


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