Joy Crookes // Mother May I Sleep with Danger?

Mother May I Sleep with Danger?

I’ve been following Joy Crookes since the release of her debut single, “New Manhattan”, which grabbed my attention because of Crookes’s incredible vocals and songwriting. Because of that, it’s such a pleasure to see her successfully release her debut EP, Influence. Collecting her previous works as well as sharing new material, it’s a stunning first effort and solidifies Joy Crookes as someone to keep an eye on. Today I’m sharing the track that we hadn’t heard yet, Mother May I Sleep with Danger? When I first started hearing about Joy Crookes, she got a lot of comparisons to Lana Del Rey for her initial releases but has since developed her own unique sound. I find it very clever, then, that the track opens with an intro that sounds like it would have fit beautifully on Lana’s Born to Die, before opening up into a much smoother, jazzier sound. Like always, despite the excellent production and instrumentation, it’s Crookes’s vocals that steal the show. All of her releases so far have been great and I’m so excited to see what she continues to do. Check out “Mother May I Sleep with Danger?” below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and listen to the rest of the EP while you’re at it!




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