joan // Love Somebody Like You

Love Somebody Like You

I’m genuinely annoyed with myself that I didn’t cover the debut song by joan, “Take Me On”. I heard it the day it was released and loved it, and even had in my head that I had shared it here, but unfortunately I’m realizing that’s not the case. Anyway, if you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing “Take Me On”, I’m going to include it below because it’s definitely worth hearing. It also serves as a great precursor for the second track released by the duo, Love Somebody Like You. Starting out as a laid back ballad which showcases the smooth, R&B-inflected vocals, the track eventually picks up to an 80s indebted anthem by the chorus. While it’s very “in” at the moment to take inspiration from the 80s, it’s not easy to do without sounding derivative, and joan definitely have that down. Seeing as though “Take Me On” seemed to get the music world’s attention, I’m sure “Love Somebody Like You” is only going to continue their rise. Quick shout out to their label, 20XX, who seem to be signing some of the most exciting talent around and managing them impeccably well. Do yourself and check out joan’s first two tracks below and get on board before they blow up!


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