TWINKIDS // Overdressed


TWINKIDS are a new name for me which is a shame because they started releasing music almost two years ago. Luckily I’m not too late to the party since they’ve only released a handful of tracks, starting with “Dreamer”, an excellent ballad that builds to something more, displaying excellent production and even better vocals. After a fairly lengthy silence, the duo have released a new track, Overdressed, and in my opinion it’s their best yet. Opening with a fairly straightforward R&B/pop sound, by the time the chorus hits it’s opened up into late night low key dance track. It’s the kind of sound I’m a total sucker for and TWINKIDS do it extremely well. While the production is what initially grabbed my attention, the smooth vocals should definitely not be overlooked as they make the song as good as it is. Even though they’re new to me, TWINKIDS have quickly become a duo I’m going to have my eyes on. Listen to “Overdressed” below and be on the lookout for their debut EP, Boys Love, being released August 18th!


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