Bruno Major // Cold Blood

Cold Blood

Hopefully by now you are at least aware of who Bruno Major is, but if you’re not, I’m more than happy to introduce you to this absolutely incredible UK-based singer/songwriter. Starting last August, Bruno has been recording and releasing a song every month as a challenge to himself that is now coming together to populate his debut album. His latest track, Cold Blood, while still very much in his style, is different from anything that Bruno has shared so far. While it starts out simply with just his gorgeous vocals over simple instrumentation, leading into the chorus a beat kicks in, making it one of his most upbeat songs to date. We also get to hear more passion in his voice than usual with palpable emotion. The delayed release of this track is due to Bruno losing his voice, but in my opinion it’s never sounded better. For a song written after being dropped by his label, this one is immensely enjoyable. Bruno Major has made my favorite music of the year and I can’t wait to see what he does on the last track of this project next month and beyond. Check out “Cold Blood” below and be on the lookout for his debut project, A Song For Every Moon, out August 25th!


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