Skott // Mermaid


Skott, one of my Artists to Watch for 2017, has remained very quiet since the release of her previous single, “Glitter and Gloss” (read my write up HERE), at the beginning of the year. “Glitter and Gloss” has everything I love about Skott: interesting modern production, beautiful songwriting, and most importantly, Skott’s soaring vocals weaving the whole thing together. This week, we have been graced with a new track in the form of the Swedish singer’s latest single, Mermaid. Picking up where “Glitter and Gloss” left off, “Mermaid” again sees Skott utilize her creative yet classic songwriting and powerful vocals to make something incredible. This time we see a fragility in both the instrumentation and her voice in the verses (particularly the first) that we don’t see from Skott often, showing a new side of herself that is just as appealing. “Mermaid” is one of the most accessible pop songs Skott has shared so far and feels like with the right promotion and a bit of luck, it could be the one to really help Skott start making her mark on the music scene. Also I just gotta say, no one has better cover art than Skott does at the moment. Check out “Mermaid” below and look for the follow up hopefully soon!


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