Anne Dereaux // Lil Baby

Lil Baby

Anne Dereaux  has rapidly become one of my top artists to watch and it seems like that’s becoming a pretty common idea across the music world. Since her debut “Mo(u)rning” earlier this year, she has released several tracks spanning multiple genres to prove that not only does she have the chops to tackle different types of music, she has the artistry and creativity to execute her vision beautifully. On Friday, she will release her debut EP, Book of Lolita, collecting her three previously released singles as well as three new tracks, including the recently shared Lil Baby. “Lil Baby” takes a classic folk song and turns it into something brand new. Her harmonies are reminiscent of gospel music, but the forward thinking production she employs makes it sound totally modern. I am fully on the Anne Dereaux train and I can’t wait to see what she does on Book of Lolita and beyond! Check out “Lil Baby” below and check out her EP when it’s released tomorrow!


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