Rationale // Loving Life

Loving Life

After being labeled as an artist to watch since he first released his debut as Rationale in the first half of 2015, British singer/songwriter/producer Tinashe Fazakerley has consistently released outstanding tracks over the past two years. After two incredible EPs, Rationale has finally announced his self-titled debut album for release on October 6th. It seems like the past few weeks have been a slap in the face from artists that were so close to officially being on my Artists to Watch list, and Rationale is showing just how strong of an artist he is on new track, Loving Life. Like always, his one in a million voice takes the spotlight, effortlessly jumping in and out of his falsetto throughout the track. “Loving Life” is probably the most dance-influenced track Rationale has put out, and it’s a great sound for him, although everything he does is a great sound for him. It’s rare to see an artist so capable of jumping genres; it serves as a testament to his artistry as well as his impeccable production skills in making every sound work. Check out “Loving Life” below and be on the lookout for more from Rationale in the lead up to his debut album in October!


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