Mura Masa // Nuggets (feat. Bonzai)

Second 2 None

I know I just covered Mura Masa on the blog last week, but when he’s making music as good as this, it’s hard to say no! On Friday, a week before the release of his album, he released two tracks and I’m going to feature my favorite of the two, although Helpline featuring Tom Tripp definitely is worth your attention as well. Nuggets sees the UK producer teaming up with frequent collaborator and friend Bonzai, an Irish singer/songwriter/producer who is definitely one to watch in her own right. In fact, be looking for her newest release to be up on the blog in the next week. Nuggets is one of the most danceable songs Mura Masa has made, evident immediately from the pounding drum that pulsates through the track and the bass line that grooves throughout. Bonzai’s talk-singing vocals propel the track forward, and the moments where she really sings are definitely a highlight. The musical chemistry between Mura Masa and Bonzai is palpable as they come together to make some of the most exciting pop music around. The track is a great contrast to their other official collaboration, What If I Go? However, they seem to pop up in each other’s work so hopefully we’ll see them work together more in the future. Check out Nuggets below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and be on the lookout for Mura Masa’s self titled debut album coming on Friday the 14th!


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