LÉON // Surround Me

Surround Me

I’m shocked that I haven’t covered LÉON on the blog before now! In my previous post about Mura Masa (who I am coincidentally featuring again today) I mentioned that there are few artists I regret not putting on my Artists to Watch list and LÉON is definitely one of those. At the end of last year, she released Liar, which was one of my favorite songs of the year. She followed that up with a few excellent singles followed by an incredible EP in For You. I was surprised to see she was sharing music again so soon but fortunately she has with new single, Surround Me. Unlike most of LÉON’s previous music, Surround Me, has a significantly more positive tone to it. It’s also the most soul-influenced track she’s put out, which complements her vocals beautifully. As of now it’s not clear if this is leading to something, but based on the frequency with which she’s released music the past few years, I’m sure there will be more soon! Check out Surround Me below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and be on the lookout for more from LÉON soon!


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