HONNE // Just Dance

Just Dance

It’s so much fun to watch an artist you care about succeed, especially when they show they have staying power beyond a debut album! That is exactly what HONNE, a UK based electronic/soul/pop duo, have done on their new track, Just Dance. After a string of incredible EPs that are absolutely worth your attention, HONNE released their debut album, Warm On A Cold Night last year which did an excellent job of collecting their previous hits while adding some new great tracks into their discography. It’s always hard to know what an artist is going to do after their first album; some disappear almost completely for years trying to figure out how to tackle their next entry, while others try to keep a steady flow of releases to remain present in the zeitgeist. Luckily for us, HONNE have decided not to keep us waiting too long, as they have only made us wait about a year for totally new music. Just Dance is probably the most upbeat and danceable track that HONNE have released, which is perfect as we move deeper into the summer. With a grooving bass line and disco-inspired organ with soaring synths, Just Dance is guaranteed to make you do just that. At this point it’s not clear if this is a one off track or if HONNE have more in store, but either way, check out Just Dance below!


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