Saya // Cold Fire

Cold Fire

Until last week, Saya, one of my Artists to Watch for 2017, had not yet released music this year, which was starting to make me worried. Luckily, her dry streak has ended with the release of her first offering of 2017, Cold Fire. What originally made me fall in love with Saya’s music was the unique way she blended forward thinking production and beats with a fully formed retro vibe. Ever since her first track, Wet Dreams, she has continually proven herself as someone to pay attention to with each successive single. When I selected her as one of my Artists to Watch, she was the “least established” artist I had selected, but with Cold Fire she proves that she deserves that spot. Eschewing some of the throwback feel of her previous work, it serves more as a modern R&B groove with hip hop production and Saya’s vocals lazily harping along. Together it makes for a pop song that sounds truly unique and of the moment. Do yourself a favor and check out Cold Fire below (or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify) and be on the lookout for more music from Saya hopefully soon!


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