Anna of the North // Someone

SomeoneFirst of all, I would like to explain my absence from the blogosphere the past week; I have been traveling around Norway with my family, so it only makes sense for me to cover the latest track by one of my favorite of their exports, Anna of the North, while I’m still here (I’ve been listening to Oslo way too much). The duo consistently makes some of the dreamiest synthpop around and their latest track, Someone, is no exception. With 80s-infused beats and synths and carefree lilting vocals, Anna of the North has their winning formula down, but in a way that never gets repetitive. And don’t get me started on how much I’m loving the key change towards the end. Someone joins last year’s Baby and title track, Lovers (covered HERE), on Anna of the North’s debut album set to be released in early September. It’s an album I’m very much anticipating and hope you get on board too. In the meantime, check out Someone below!



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