Chlöe Howl // Magnetic


I first came across Chlöe Howl almost four years ago when she was selected as part of the BBC Sound of 2014 list. (Most of) the artists on that list will always have a special place in my heart as it is in my opinion one of the best lists assembled, and I still regularly listen to the majority of them. On top of that, I think it did a better job than most of predicting future success. My first impression of Chlöe was her single, Rumour, which paired her extremely powerful voice with an incredible catchy melody. After that I hadn’t heard much from her until I saw recently that she had released a single, Magnetic. At first I thought I missed an entire album from Chlöe and this was the start of a new cycle, but after doing some digging, I realized I wasn’t the only one missing her; she hadn’t released new music in over 2 years. While it’s too bad the music world has gone so long without her, Magnetic shows it was worth the wait. With a new visual and sonic aesthetic, Chlöe is making a big splash that’s definitely worth your attention. Check out Magnetic below and be on the look out for new music hopefully soon!


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