HAIM // Little of Your Love

Little of You Love

The whole of the music world seems to be buzzing in anticipation of the sophomore album by sister trio HAIM. Since reappearing a few months ago, they have made it clear why they made the stamp they did almost four years ago with their debut album, Days Are Gone. After previously sharing two incredible tracks and performing on SNL, HAIM has now shared Little of Your Love, another taste of their upcoming album, Something to Tell You. Pretty much everything they release I truly enjoy, but this song is probably my favorite they’ve shared in this album cycle so far. After performing it live last month, I’ve been so excited to hear the studio version and it doesn’t disappoint! HAIM has a way of referencing music from the past without sounding hokey or derivative at all. Utilizing sounds that would fit in rock songs from the ’60s but including their signature vocal harmonies and guitar riffs, all together it makes for something truly special that makes me more excited than ever for their new album! Check out Little of Your Love below or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify, and look for Something to Tell You, out July 7th!


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