Rae Morris // Reborn


Rae Morris is an artist I have been following passively for the last few years. At the end of 2014 she was longlisted for the BBC Sound of 2015 poll which I had just started following around that time. She stood out as one of my favorites from the list, particularly after the release of single Under The Shadows, which paired interesting, forward thinking production with powerful vocals. Unfortunately, her debut album, Unguarded, was never released on iTunes or Spotify in the US so my ability to keep tabs on her was significantly hampered. That’s partially why I’m just now covering her newest single, Reborn, even though it was released several weeks ago: I still can’t get it on iTunes and it just recently went live on Spotify. Reborn (unsurprisingly based on the title) sees Rae Morris moving in a new direction with electronic-heavy, pulsating production driving the song forward with militant sounding snare kicking in as the track progresses. Of course, Morris’s vocals rise above powerfully and are the focal point of the song. At this point it seems as though Reborn is leading in to a sophomore album, so here’s hoping for more music soon, and especially a release in the US! Check out Reborn below, or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify to see the music video.


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