Gordi // Heaven I Know

Heaven I Know

Gordi is an artist I’ve been following for almost two years now since I heard her first handful of singles, including the excellent Can We Work It Out and Nothing’s as It Seems. She also earned a spot on my Artists to Watch for 2017 list. Gordi stands out for her ability to marry impeccable songwriting with a mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentation. The last time we heard from Gordi was over a year ago with the release of her Clever Disguise EP, which collected the aforementioned singles with several new ones to make a really stellar debut effort. Since then she’s remained relatively quiet with the exception being a live performance video released earlier this year of her new song, Heaven I Know. At the time it wasn’t clear what was to come, but yesterday she shared the studio version of the track and announced her first full length album, Reservoir, to be released August 25th.  In my Artists to Watch post, I noted that she was going to open for Bon Iver on several tour dates, which seems exceedingly fitting as sonically she has a lot in common with what Justin Vernon does. This is perhaps more clear than ever on Heaven I Know. Throughout the song, Gordi utilizes brass instrumentation, choral-like harmonies, autotune, and glitchy synths. It’s definitely her most ambitious track to date. On paper it seems like it would be too much, but in practice it all works together cohesively, primarily because underlying it is the classic songwriting I mentioned before. Listen to Heaven I Know below or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify, and be on the lookout for new music as Gordi rolls out her debut album, Reservoir, on August 25th.


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