Secret Rendezvous // Don’t Look at Me That Way

Don't Look at Me That Way

Dutch duo Secret Rendezvous are a new name to me. In fact I just came across them yesterday when I listened to their newest track, Don’t Look at Me That Way, and I’m already hooked. In a lot of music circles “pop” music can have a negative connotation as being a creative cop out as a way to achieve mainstream success. While I’m sure I’m guilty of falling into such snobbery on occasion, I like to think that I’m able to enjoy music for what it is and not care too much about genre labels. Luckily for me, there’s nothing to make excuses for when it comes to Don’t Look at Me That Way; it’s the epitome of pop music that you feel cool listening to. The dance-inspired syncopated piano sets the stage for singer Sietske Morsch’s vocals to shine. It’s an incredibly catchy track that will have you singing and dancing along. I’m currently in the process of exploring their back catalog and so far I’m very impressed. Get on board with Secret Rendezvous by listening to Don’t Look at Me That Way below!


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