Sorcha Richardson // 4AM


I’ve been following Sorcha Richardson since I first heard Petrol Station back in 2015. I was immediately grabbed by her raw vocals, narrative lyrics, and bouncy synths. It was one of my favorite tracks of 2015 and is still one I listen to frequently. Since then she’s released a string of singles which are hard to collectively describe. One thing I really appreciate about Sorcha is that her music continually keeps me guessing; I’m never sure what sound she’s going to try next. While my first exposure to her was mostly electronic and synth-heavy, her next singles relied heavily on live instrumentation. However, while the backing changes, her vocals and songwriting are the glue that hold together what should be disparate sonic aesthetics and make them something cohesive. Yesterday she shared her first offering of 2017, 4AM. Interestingly, it’s again a more electronic effort than her immediate past releases, but again it has her signature all over it. Sorcha is an artist I’ve been excited about for a long time and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the future. Check out 4AM below!


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