Bruno Major // Places We Won’t Walk

Second Time

At this point there’s not a whole lot I can say about Bruno Major that I haven’t already. Every single song that he puts out feels like something special, I feel so lucky that we get output from him every month. If you’ve somehow been following Symbiosis for any amount of time and haven’t heard, Bruno Major has been writing, recording, and releasing a song each month for the past ten, and every single one is worth your attention. May’s offering, Places We Won’t Walk, is legitimately one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time, perhaps ever. It has a quality that makes it sound like an immediate classic. While it’s perhaps his most subdued track to date, consistently primarily of Bruno’s gorgeous vocals singing about a lost relationship over a simple piano backing before adding in delicate instrumentation, it stands as one of his most emotionally resonant songs to date. Do yourself a favor and listen to the stunning Places We Won’t Walk below and be on the lookout for Bruno’s final two songs in the next months before he releases his debut album in July consisting of the year’s tracks.



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