Month: June 2017

HËXĖ // Words


It’s always exciting to introduce a new name, especially one that is just at the beginning of their story. Today that new name is HËXĖ, who seem to be taking the music world by storm following the release of debut track, Words. HËXĖ is a duo from the UK consisting of Lex Stowe and Callum Raab. Words is an excellent example of a track that can be both low key yet danceable depending on how you feel, which, if you’ve been following Symbiosis for any amount of time, is a big plus for me. Backed by a dance-inspired beat and atmospheric synths, Stowe’s hazy vocals lilt along in a way guaranteed to have you tapping your toes. The closest point of reference I have for HËXĖ at this point is Kllo, which is a huge compliment in my book. Do yourself a favor and check out HËXĖ before they blow up, which seems to be only a matter of time!


courtship. // Perfect People

Perfect People

So far I’ve loved everything courtship. has released, which is becoming more and more of a feat with every track they share. The duo has quickly become one of my favorite new artists and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them, especially considering the recognition they’ve been getting lately. Their music always maintains a lighthearted tone that is immediately engaging and leaves you wanting more. I’m sure it was no coincidence then, that their newest single, Perfect People, was released on the first day of summer, as it will be cropping up on summer playlists for the rest of the year. Perfect People has everything that makes me love courtship. but still sounds fresh. As I mentioned above, I’m so excited to see what they will do next, and based on the pace they’ve been releasing music, it would appear we don’t have long to wait! Check out Perfect People below!

Chlöe Howl // Magnetic


I first came across Chlöe Howl almost four years ago when she was selected as part of the BBC Sound of 2014 list. (Most of) the artists on that list will always have a special place in my heart as it is in my opinion one of the best lists assembled, and I still regularly listen to the majority of them. On top of that, I think it did a better job than most of predicting future success. My first impression of Chlöe was her single, Rumour, which paired her extremely powerful voice with an incredible catchy melody. After that I hadn’t heard much from her until I saw recently that she had released a single, Magnetic. At first I thought I missed an entire album from Chlöe and this was the start of a new cycle, but after doing some digging, I realized I wasn’t the only one missing her; she hadn’t released new music in over 2 years. While it’s too bad the music world has gone so long without her, Magnetic shows it was worth the wait. With a new visual and sonic aesthetic, Chlöe is making a big splash that’s definitely worth your attention. Check out Magnetic below and be on the look out for new music hopefully soon!

Vasser // Little Things

Little Things

Vasser is a relatively new name for me; I saw him pop up in several places after the release of his previous track, To The Wolves. While I wasn’t sure it was necessarily my style, it definitely piqued my interest, so when I saw that he had released the second track from his upcoming EP, A Telling End, I knew it was going to be worth a listen. Little Things, the newest release by the 18 year old is hard to categorize: it has elements of pop and R&B all weaved together with impeccable, forward thinking electronic production. Of course for me, all that on it’s own still wouldn’t be enough to make an incredible track; in this case it is the vocals and songwriting that elevate it to that level. Little Things is more than enough to get me on board with Vasser and I can’t wait to see what he does next. Check out Little Things below and be the lookout for his upcoming EP!

HAIM // Little of Your Love

Little of You Love

The whole of the music world seems to be buzzing in anticipation of the sophomore album by sister trio HAIM. Since reappearing a few months ago, they have made it clear why they made the stamp they did almost four years ago with their debut album, Days Are Gone. After previously sharing two incredible tracks and performing on SNL, HAIM has now shared Little of Your Love, another taste of their upcoming album, Something to Tell You. Pretty much everything they release I truly enjoy, but this song is probably my favorite they’ve shared in this album cycle so far. After performing it live last month, I’ve been so excited to hear the studio version and it doesn’t disappoint! HAIM has a way of referencing music from the past without sounding hokey or derivative at all. Utilizing sounds that would fit in rock songs from the ’60s but including their signature vocal harmonies and guitar riffs, all together it makes for something truly special that makes me more excited than ever for their new album! Check out Little of Your Love below or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify, and look for Something to Tell You, out July 7th!

Rae Morris // Reborn


Rae Morris is an artist I have been following passively for the last few years. At the end of 2014 she was longlisted for the BBC Sound of 2015 poll which I had just started following around that time. She stood out as one of my favorites from the list, particularly after the release of single Under The Shadows, which paired interesting, forward thinking production with powerful vocals. Unfortunately, her debut album, Unguarded, was never released on iTunes or Spotify in the US so my ability to keep tabs on her was significantly hampered. That’s partially why I’m just now covering her newest single, Reborn, even though it was released several weeks ago: I still can’t get it on iTunes and it just recently went live on Spotify. Reborn (unsurprisingly based on the title) sees Rae Morris moving in a new direction with electronic-heavy, pulsating production driving the song forward with militant sounding snare kicking in as the track progresses. Of course, Morris’s vocals rise above powerfully and are the focal point of the song. At this point it seems as though Reborn is leading in to a sophomore album, so here’s hoping for more music soon, and especially a release in the US! Check out Reborn below, or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify to see the music video.

Blondage // BOSS


I covered Blondage for the first time last month when I came across their excellent single, Stoned, that is definitely a song of the summer contender for me. Well now the Danish duo has shared another track that’s in the running too. BOSS starts where Stoned left off, taking extremely catchy melodies and pairing them with slightly off kilter production to make something truly unique but still exceedingly pleasant to listen to. With this release, Blondage have quickly moved up my list of artists to watch and I can’t wait to see what direction they head in and what they do next! Do yourself and listen to BOSS below and be on the lookout for new music soon!