LION BABE // Hit the Ceiling

Hit The Ceiling

If I would’ve started this blog back at the end of 2015 like I had originally intended with my Artists to Watch for 2016 list, LION BABE would have been in the top 5 for with their unique take on R&B that pays homage to previous decades but with production that continues to push the genre forward. They have very much surpassed my expectations since then, releasing Begin, one of my favorite albums of last year. Unlike most new artists that release most of their music with their album and remain quiet for potentially even years afterward, LION BABE has had a fairly steady output since their debut. All of that has lead us to their newest single, Hit the Ceiling, which in my opinion stands with the best tracks from Begin, which is high praise! With this song LION BABE seem to be eschewing the pop found on their debut without losing accessibility. It’s the perfect song to beckon in summer with its instantly cool groove and floating vocals. From what I understand it’s taken from an upcoming sophomore album, so be on the lookout for that, and in the meantime enjoy Hit the Ceiling!


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