Kllo // Predicament


I’ve been a big Kllo fan since I first heard Makes Me Wonder back in 2014 when they were still known as Klo. I’ve said it several times on the blog but if you can make laid back music that still feels danceable, I’m going to enjoy it, and no one does that better than this Australia-based duo. They also do a great job of making experimental production and beats palatable and enjoyable on a broad scale, as evidenced by their debut EP, Cusp, released in 2014 and last year’s Well Worn EP. Since their latest release in August, Kllo haven’t released new music but have recently started teasing it, posting pictures saying they have started mixing their debut album and filming for a video treatment for their next single. While we wait for that to reach the public, luckily they have shared a single as part of a compilation project with Adult Swim titled Predicament. Present as always is the effortlessly cool production that lays the foundation for layered vocals to float overtop. If this is any indication of what Kllo have in store, I am definitely on board. Do yourself a favor and check out Predicament below and be on the lookout for their aforementioned debut album and forthcoming single!


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