RAYE // The Line

The Line.jpg

RAYE was on just about every list of artists to watch for 2017 and it’s not hard to see why! She makes some of the best pop music coming out at the moment but it’s always forward thinking, using current sonic trends but pushing them to the next level. Her EP released in the second half of 2016, Second, exemplifies that clearly with incredible tracks like I, U, Us and Shhh. Since then she hasn’t released any original solo material, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t made her presence known. She featured on the international hits By Your Side by Jonas Blue and You Don’t Know Me by Jax Jones, the latter of which was a top 5 hit in the UK. She also has proven herself as an incredibly sought after songwriter, working with Charli XCX and Snakehips. Now, however she’s ready to step back into the spotlight with her first offering of 2017, The Line. I’ve only had it for 15 minutes at the time I’m writing this and I’ve already listened to it 4 times and I’m convinced it’s one of, if not the best pop song of the year so far. It not only does a great job of showcasing her incredible vocals and songwriting, but it also keeps her trend of boundary pushing production. I know some people want the dancehall vibe to die, but if it’s used this effectively I’m happy for it to stay around as long as possible. Do yourself a favor and get on board with RAYE before she’s topping the charts on her own, which seems rather likely given how great this single is. Check it out below and be on the look out for more from the star on the rise!


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