Joy Crookes // Bad Feeling

Bad Feeling

Joy Crookes is now 3 for 3! She came onto the scene with a gentle roar at the beginning of 2016 with her excellent debut track, New Manhattan, that immediately drew favorable comparisons to Lana Del Rey, who is one of my favorite artists so I definitely mean that as a compliment. She followed that up with the equally great Sinatra in August. Both of which I think are worth your attention. Since then she has remained quiet as far as releasing new music is concerned. Luckily that silence is over with the recently released Bad Feeling. On the track, Joy Crookes shows she can do more than the sultry crooning seen on her first two efforts as Bad Feeling is significantly more upbeat. My favorite thing about her music is that even though she is using modern production, her songs still have an instantly classic feel to them, and Bad Feeling is no exception. With the release of her new track comes the announcement of her debut EP, Influence, set for release July 21st, which includes her previously shared singles as well as two new songs. Be on the lookout for that release and in the meantime enjoy Bad Feeling below!


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