DIICE // Do Wrong

Do Wrong

I’ve started getting more email submissions as the blog continues to pick up, and while some of the music I get is good, a lot of it just isn’t what I enjoy listening to so I pass on featuring it here. Today I’m posting about the first artist I found through having music submitted! Woohoo! DIICE are a UK based trio that walk the lines between electronic, pop, and R&B music very adeptly. Last year they released their debut single, Multigold, that garnered attention from the music world and put them on people’s radar (unfortunately I missed it). They have now returned with their second effort, and it’s one that I personally enjoy even more than their first! Do Wrong starts off pretty easy going, putting the vocals and eclectic production on display, but builds to a double time chorus that gets me dancing along. For the record, if music can be described as chill, but it’s still danceable, there’s a good chance I’m going to like it, and I’m loving this track by DIICE. Do yourself a favor and check Do Wrong out below and look for new music hopefully coming down the road!


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