Kacy Hill // Like A Woman + Hard To Love

Like A Woman + Hard To Love

Kacy Hill has been an artist I’ve been paying attention to for a long time now. My first taste was her debut single, Experience, that she released back at the end of 2014, which was enough to pique the interest of the music world include key tastemakers that pegged her as a star in the making. For her that meant she has been given the time to develop and grow as she wants and release music at a slower pace but with perhaps a higher quality than if she was being rushed. After releasing her debut EP, Bloo, back in 2015, we haven’t heard much from Kacy aside from another single, Lion, back in the middle of last year. Everything she’s released is worth your attention partially because it’s all really good, but also because to shows how diverse she can be with her sound. Each track she’s put out has been totally unique and very much unlike the others. This is still definitely the case with her most recent releases. Like A Woman, my favorite of the two, is a subdued R&B ballad that has a throwback vibe and lets Kacy’s vocals shine. And don’t get me started on how satisfying that chord progression is. The other single, Hard to Love, is more of a straightforward anthemic pop song, but done extremely well in a way that sounds fresh. Kacy Hill’s vocals are unlike anyone else’s and she really shows them off across these two tracks. Luckily we’ll be getting more soon as along with the release of these songs she has also announced her debut album, Like A Woman, will be released on June 30th. Be on the lookout for that release, and in the meantime listen to Like a Woman and Hard to Love below!


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