Mabel // Bedroom


Mabel has been on my radar since she released her debut single, Know Me Better, back in 2015, but it was her second single, My Boy My Town, that really got me excited about her. Obviously some key tastemakers agreed with me as she got a spot on the BBC Sound of 2016 list alongside artists like Jack Garratt, NAO, and Mura Masa. While some of her peers went on to have their true breakout years in 2016, Mabel has been taking her time to develop as an artist and perfect her music before releasing it. While some people might be impatient, the work she has put out since has been worth the wait. Thinking of You, released in the middle of last year, was one of my favorite pop songs of the year, and Finders Keepers, which she shared in March is also a strong entry. Yesterday she returned with the title track of her debut EP, Bedroom. Mabel has always stood out for her powerful R&B vocals, but from the first note of Bedroom it’s clear this is the most self-assured she’s sounded yet. The production is just forward thinking enough to be interesting without being off putting. Obviously I’m no expert, but if there was a song that was going to break her into the mainstream, I think this is a strong candidate. Make sure to check out Bedroom below or click HERE if you don’t have Spotify, and be on the look out for her EP of the same name to be released on May 26th!


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