Overcoats // Kai’s Song

Kai's Song

The past few weeks have been great for me music wise partly because of the steady stream of great new music that has been released, but also because I’ve been lucky enough to find some music I missed from the past few months that I really love. A great example of that is one of the tracks I’m sharing today, Kai’s Song by Overcoats. Since the rise of Sylvan Esso and others a few years ago, the market of acts trying to marry electronic and folk music has grown exponentially. However quantity definitely doesn’t always equate to quality, so when a group comes along that does it well, like Overcoats, it’s worthing taking notice of. Despite already releasing their debut album towards the end of April, I am just hearing them for the first time now. I’ve listened to most of the album and it’s definitely worth your time if you like electronic music with folk harmonies and sensibilities. I’ve decided to share the first song I heard from them which has also remained my favorite, Kai’s Song. It starts off slow with atmospheric synths, a simple beat, and gentle vocals, before adding in gorgeous harmonies that build going into the chorus that will definitely have you wanting to sing along. Do yourself a favor and listen to Kai’s Song below and then check out their album, Young, released April 21st.


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