Amber Mark // Can You Hear Me?

Lose My Cool

Amber Mark has very quickly become one of my top artists to watch, through her collaboration with Demo Taped that initially put her on my radar at the end of last year as well as the singles she has released leading up to now. Amber makes music that doesn’t sound like anything else at the moment, drawing on a number of influences to make a sonic aesthetic that is truly unique. This can be seen on her last single, Lose My Cool (featured HERE), and on the track she premiered on Beats 1 yesterday, Can You Hear Me? While her more recent previous releases have a distinctly more dance-oriented vibe, Can You Hear Me? takes a different approach, incorporating more of a gospel/soul-influenced route. Can You Hear Me? serves as a great track to get listeners excited for her debut EP, 3:33am, being released this Friday, which collects her previous releases and includes several new tracks as well. It is shaping out to be a body of work not to be missed. So be on the look out for it, and in the mean time, listen to Can You Hear Me? below!


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