Anne Dereaux // Mo(u)rning + Rock Away

Mourning + Rock Away

The only other time so far I’ve featured two songs by the same artist at once was when IDER released their EP back in March, but I’ve decided it’s necessary to do the same today for newcomer Anne Dereaux. This is partially because I’m a little late seeing as though she released her debut single, Mo(u)rning, back at the beginning of March and has since shared another track, Rock Away, but mostly because both songs are incredibly strong and show very different facets of her already developed sound. Mo(u)rning lies on the more experimental side of R&B music, reminiscent of FKA twigs (hopefully she’s not tired of that comparison, I mean it as a great compliment), complete with industrial beats and glitchy synths, with a key difference being her show stopping, powerful vocals. If the more left of center vibe isn’t your thing, there’s a good chance you’ll favor her second effort, Rock Away, which again shows off her songwriting and vocals but with a more straightforward approach. Together the pair show that Anne Dereaux is capable of great things. On top of that, as evidenced by her press photos and her debut video (watch HERE), she has a unique but fleshed out aesthetic that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Do yourself a favor and listen to Mo(u)rning and Rock Away below and be on the look out for her debut EP, Book of Lolita, dropping later this summer.


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