Bruno Major // Fair-Weather Friend

Second Time

If you have been following Symbiosis Music at all, Bruno Major will be a familiar name and face as I’ve posted about him several times in the short months I’ve been up and running. In case you’re not aware, Bruno has been releasing a new song approximately every month that has been written and recorded in the weeks leading up to the release. So far every track has been a very strong entry into his discography, which is made even more impressive considering the time pressure he’s been working under. Yesterday he shared his newest song, Fair-Weather Friend, and it is immediately one of my favorites. While I’ve truly enjoyed everything he’s put out so far, this one is something special. It’s incredible to me that he produced this track in just a few weeks, as it’s the kind of song someone would work a career towards. Like normal, Bruno has kept the instrumentation and production relatively simple: gorgeous electric guitar, a simple beat, and background vocal harmonies, to let his songwriting and falsetto shine through. In my book Bruno Major can do no wrong and I’m so excited to see what comes next as he continues working towards a debut album! Listen to Fair-Weather Friend below!


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