HAIM // Want You Back

Want You Back

Something that I’ve talked about several times on the blog is the reset my music taste had while I was in college, where I started actively seeking out new music instead of just happening upon it. HAIM is one of the first artists I discovered in that time period, when I came across their single, Falling, which is still one of my favorite songs to this day. I remember my excitement when they released their debut album, Days Are Gone, back in 2013 mostly because of how much I wanted to hear their new material, but also because HAIM, CHVRCHES, and Lorde all released their debut albums in a span of eight days. Days Are Gone solidified HAIM as one of my favorite bands, and on top of releasing incredible music, they’ll always be special to me because of the shared enthusiasm my sister and I have for them. To this day, that was my most successful musical introduction as HAIM quickly became one of her favorite acts as well.

After releasing their debut, HAIM have remained relatively quiet as far as new music is concerned. For die hard fans like my sister and myself, three and a half years has been a long time to wait, but thankfully that wait is now over! Last week, the trio shared a live studio video of their new song Right Now. Even though it wasn’t the new single release we had been expecting, it came with an album announcement and the promise of more new music soon, more than enough to tide me over. Surprisingly, it wasn’t long until we got their first proper single, Want You Back, as they shared it yesterday as the Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1. Want You Back picks up right where Days Are Gone left off and sees the sisters at their best. Even from the opening chords, you can tell HAIM are aiming high this time around; it’s immediately easy to see these song opening a stadium tour. It’s so encouraging to see an act that rose to prominence as quickly as they did stay true to themselves while still allowing for natural evolution of their sound. Still present are their infectious melodies and stirring harmonies, but the scope and level of confidence in what they’re doing have increased. Even though it was a long time to wait for new music, if this is the quality we can be expecting, it’s absolutely worth it. Even my sister, who seems to be a little less forgiving than I, is coming around, who upon hearing the new track said, “It’s very good. I’m still kind of bitter. But it’s good.” I have full confidence as we move further into this new album cycle they will fully win her over again as the first two tastes we have of this new album are incredible. Check out Want You Back HERE if you don’t have Spotify and be on the look out for their sophomore album, Something To Tell You, out July 7th!


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