courtship. // Sunroof


The music world is ready for summer to be here! Earlier this week I featured a song by Hazel English which seems to welcome the warmer months, and today we have another clear example of that. Sunroof is the fourth single released by duo courtship., and so far they are four for four. After releasing Stop for Nothing and Love for Everyone last year, they followed up early in 2017 with Sail Away. Each song has explored a different facet of their sound which generally entails a throwback sonic aesthetic with modern production elements thrown in and vocals in octaves. They have so far done a great job establishing a signature sound quickly while not sounding pigeonholed. In fact, Sunroof stands out as the most unique in the bunch due to its uptempo vibe and addition of acoustic guitar. So far I’ve loved everything courtship. has done as they’ve rapidly become one of my top new artists to watch. Listen to Sunroof below and be on the lookout for more from them hopefully soon!


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